8 Indian outsourced cricketers

Indian Cricket team at present is one of the best teams globally. But this is level has been achieved due to India’s long history of cricket. But do you know we have also given some phenomenal players to other countries? Here are 8 Cricketers who started there career in India but went on to play for other countries.

Missed the opening ceremony action? We have got you covered

IPL opening ceremony is awaited by its religious fans! The extravaganza is power packed with lots of action, drama and dance. The 11th edition of IPL was no different. Click on the link below to know more about the star studded Gala.
IPL 2018 OPENING CEREMONY- slide show

Fun revisit to the Indian Premier league winners

Trying to remember your Indian Premier league winners? Do you know Mumbai Indians have claimed the title 3 times! Well, here is any interactive way to find more about the IPL winners from the last years. Just click on the link and get to know about your heroes!

The ever-changing electoral matrix of Uttar Pradesh

If the BJP and Modi continue to spin their magic web as that in the recent Orissa and the Maharashtra Municipal corporation elections, which are being considered to be a referendum on demonetisation, anything can transpire.

As we stand half way through the U.P. elections we are treated to a triangular battle and the mercurial nature of voters. The initial trends, in which the BJP was not even in the race and was adjudged the no. 3 party, have overturned to a large extent. Whereas the BSP which was pretty much in the mix to begin with, is now panting due to the lack of “plus” votes apart from that of the Dalits. Even the Muslim votes have gone to Behen ji only at places where the BSP candidates have a stronghold.

Most amusingly the SP-Congress coalition which was predicted to cross the line with ease has some serious issues to tackle before it could redeem its past glory.

So when did the tables turn?

It seems that the internal brawl of the SP has cost it a bit too much. Dreading the loss of the “cycle symbol” in the Election Commission, Akhilesh Yadav caught hold of the “palm” to prevent himself from drowning. But much to his surprise, it is the weight of the palm which is causing him big-time trouble in the present elections. 105 seats were certainly a bit too much for the Congress.

The result is that now it is almost intangible to make out that who is saving whom in the present elections. The only purpose that the coalition has served is that of polarizing the Muslim votes, much to the anguish of the BJP.

Amit Shah enters

The social engineering of Amit Shah has started to pay off. The core vote of the BJP of the upper caste and traders is intact despite demonetization, which doesn’t seem to be that big an issue on the ground in the U.P. elections.  No Modi wave as that of 2014 is evident, but certainly he remains the face of the party and the BJP is garnering votes in his name.

After 1991 and 2014, it is in this election that the BJP seems to be successful in attracting the non-Yadav OBC voters. Shah’s electoral gatherings and road shows are gathering unprecedented crowd which is a symbol of the BJP increasing its vote base. The recent results in the Orissa and the Maharashtra local body elections, which are highly skewed in BJP’s favour, may just act as fuel for their remaining campaign.

The people who are comparing the SP-Congress combination to the “Bihar Maha gatbandhan” should be mindful of the fact that both Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav are leaders with a strong vote base whereas the Rahul Gandhi led Congress is empty pocketed in Uttar Pradesh.

For the coalition to shine, it is mandatory for the Congress to increase its strike rate, otherwise at present, the picture looks grim for them.

The election campaign that began with development as the sole agenda has come to a standstill at Gujarat’s donkeys, graveyards and other similar rhetoric.

It is almost impossible to predict the whims of the state with a population of around 20 crore, but don’t be surprised if the BJP turns out to be the dark horse on the 11th of March.

Aiyar’s Suspension: More Strategic than Disciplinary

If dignified language was the parameter to uphold the membership of the Congress party, the Congress would have been long searching for a new ‘elected’ President by now.

“Ye aadmi bahut neech kisam ka aadmi hai, is mein koi sabhyata nahi hai, aur aise mauke par is kisam ki gandi rajneeti karne ki kya avashyakta hai?” Rajya Sabha MP Mani Shankar Aiyar told an ANI reporter on Thursday, which translates to-This man is a low-life person, he is uncultured. At such a moment, what was the need for such dirty politics?

Aiyar was replying to Modi’s barb at the Congress made during the inauguration of the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre.  The PM hinting towards the Nehru-Gandhi family had said that it “tried to erase Ambedkar’s contribution in nation-building”.

However, when Mani Shankar Aiyar took upon himself to put Modi in his place, he had little idea that he himself would get burnt in the process.

If we discount the word ‘neech’ which certainly could have been done away with, Aiyar’s statement only sounds logical. Whether such a barb was warranted by Modi at an occasion when he was present there in his capacity of the PM of the country, is for the reader to decide.

Is Aiyar a scapegoat?

If the ‘tone and the language’ used by Aiyar are reason enough to strip him off the primary membership of the Congress-  Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka should have been long ousted from the party.

After the much celebrated surgical strike in 2016, Rahul had accused the PM of doing ‘khoon ki dalali’ with the blood of our martyrs. Priyanka Gandhi has also shown her philia for the word ‘neech’. During the campaign of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Priyanka Gandhi charged Modi of doing ‘neech rajneeti’ and insulting her martyred father (Rajeev Gandhi) in Amethi. The senior Gandhi too, has not been far behind in mudslinging. Twice Sonia Gandhi has used phrases like ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ and ‘Zeher Ki Kheti’ which are uncharacteristic of her generally polite speeches.

Interestingly, it’s not the first time that Aiyar has grabbed the headlines due to his histrionics. From urging the Pakistanis to bring back Congress to power, to calling Modi a ‘chaiwalla’ and recently comparing the election of Rahul Gandhi as Congress President to Aurangzeb, Aiyar has already done it all.

Then why so much furore over Aiyar’s statement?

Two things stand out.

First is the time at which the statement came. Aiyar could not have chosen a more inopportune time for his ‘neech kisam ka aadmi’ remark. It was the last day of campaigning for the 1st phase of the Gujarat assembly polls when Aiyar decided to have a go at Modi.

The second, of course was the light in which Modi dealt with it. It is not the first time that Modi has twisted a statement of the opposition to take milage out of it. The way he ricocheted the criticism directed at him towards his caste, not only left Aiyar but the entire Congress gaping.

This has, in fact become Modi’s style of functioning over the years. You criticize him and he will either bring in the issue of Gujarati pride or the trump card of his caste.

As soon as Aiyar’s statement came out, Modi as always, did not fail to cash in. In his Gujarat Vikas Rally in Surat, Modi used the word ‘neech’ 20 times in his 50 minute speech as he roared from the rostrum, “Aa Modi to neech jaati no che, Aa Modi to neech che. Mara bhaio, aa apmaan Gujarat nu chhe ke nahi, aa apmaan Bharat ni mahan parampara nu chhe ke nahi?”

The fact of the matter is that the Congress has been treading cautiously in its Gujarat Election campaign. It is intentionally shying away from making personal attacks on Modi and focusing on developmental issues. The party has realized in due course of time that the projection of the elections as Modi v/s Rahul only does harm to its chances. Secondly, it has avoided getting in BJP’s trap which can polarize the voters. BJP, on the other hand is banking on OBCs, specifically Kohlis and Thakores along with Dalits and Tribals.

The projection of Aiyar’s ‘neeech’ remark runs the risk of causing polarization which the Congress cannot afford at the moment. Hence Aiyar’s suspension even after his apology appears more of a strategic move than a disciplinary decision.

‘Aiyaary’ Movie Review: A Desperate Attempt At Manufacturing Suspense

2 Stars Out Of 5

When you are in a catch-22 while taking an important decision, just toss a coin. While the coin is in the air, a point comes when you realize what your heart actually wants because that is the side which you wish the coin to fall on. Taken straight from the TVF (The Viral Fever) web series Pitchers, this gig is symbolic of the entire movie.

“Aiyaary” is a typical Neeraj Pandey movie with peppy background music and a simple plot but a non-linear form of storytelling. The viewer feels as if already used ingredients have been mixed and matched to come up with a (not really) new movie. If we replace Sidharth Malhotra with Akshay Kumar, the remaining lot of actors is pretty much the same as it is in Pandey’s other movies, the highlight being Manoj Bajpai.

Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher have been cast in small roles and hence have not been able to shine in their usual manner. Tamil and Telugu movie star, Rakul Preet Singh has been cast as the female lead. Discounting some scenes in which she hams badly, she has done decently well.

All in all, the movie is worth watching if you particularly love Neeraj Pandey’s style of film making. Apart from a few powerful scenes from Manoj Bajpai, the movie falls flat. The viewer does not feel the suspense, rather too hard an attempt is made to create suspense through additional factors like background music, editing, etc.

IPL 2018: SWOT analysis of the Royal Challengers Bangalore

The Royal Challengers Bangalore will enter IPL 2018 with the hopes of clinching their maiden IPL trophy.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore are one of the most mercurial teams in the IPL. In ten seasons so far, RCB have finished runners-up thrice and made the semi-finals once. There were also several years in which they remained at the bottom of the points table.

In IPL 2016, RCB came out all guns blazing with captain Kohli and AB de Villiers leading the charge, eventually losing out in the summit clash. The very next year, Kohli was ruled out due to injury and his side could never get going. As a result, they finished the tournament dead last.

This year, with most bases covered and both Kohli and de Villiers fit, the team will enter the league with the hopes of clinching their maiden IPL trophy.

Let us have a look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in this year’s IPL.


RCB had to make do with Kedar Jadhav as their wicketkeeper in 2017. The fact that they have gone for a full-time keeper in Quinton de Kock this year may help them convert a few half chances behind the wickets. The South African would also beef up their already solid batting lineup as he can bat both in the top and the middle order.

The square at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, the home ground of the RCB, was a bit low and slow in the previous season which did not allow the batsmen to play extravagant shots. The new pitch at Bangalore is expected to be a lot more batting friendly this time around and would allow for 200+ scores.


Despite trying to cover all their bases in the auctions, RCB are left with quite a few weaknesses. The fact that their bowling has limited firepower is certainly a weakness, while their top-heavy batting order may also go against them.

The RCB think tank will struggle to fit all the overseas batting heavyweights in AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum and Quinton De Kock into their playing XI. Also, they seem to have picked too many people who perform the same role.

Nathan Coulter-Nile was expected to lead the RCB bowling attack, but his untimely injury has left the team in a lurch. His replacement, Corey Anderson, is a utility player and lacks the former’s bowling prowess.


18-year-old off-spinner Washington Sundar has been on a roll of late. What makes him such a coveted T20 player is his ability to bowl both in the Powerplay overs as well as at the death. This season represents a great chance for the Tamil Nadu spinner to make a mark.

Umesh Yadav was the pick of the Indian bowlers in the home Test season but with the inclusion of Jasprit Bumrah in the five-day format, he no longer commands a spot in the Indian team.

As far as the limited-overs internationals are concerned, the pacer last played an ODI in September 2017 against Australia and his last T20I was against Sri Lanka in 2012. It is a great opportunity for the Vidarbha pacer to make a case for his inclusion in the national ODI side with some probing spells.


RCB’s two best batsmen – Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers – play in the top order. Hence, if they are dismissed early, they are not left with much ammunition down the order. While RCB have batsmen like Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra and Colin de Grandhomme who can use the long handle to good effect and have done that in the past, they are relatively inexperienced and can’t be counted on to deliver consistently.

In addition, the Chinnaswamy is one of the smallest grounds in the country. It would be an extremely tough task for the RCB bowlers to contain the opposition on a flat pitch with such short boundaries.